The Little Pyramid Head Wrap

Beautiful brass in unique little pyramid pattern strung on cylindrical black elastic satin ribbon. With three curved metal pieces, this head wrap is designed to be flexible enough to be worn comfortably on most adult heads. Such an easy, beautiful piece to wear as either a head wrap or a necklace simply by adjusting the ribbon loops at the back.

      1. Three brass metal pieces 
      2. 3mm (cylindrical) black elastic satin ribbon
      1. Not your niece’s hair accessories - this accessory has been designed by adults for adults. Please keep out of reach from children due to small, delicate parts and potential choking hazard
      2. Please care for this accessory as you would other bronze jewelry. Following use, wipe gently with and then store in the bag provided. The brass may naturally weather with time
      3. Elastics can lose their stretch over time. If the satin ribbon eventually wears out, please contact us and we will be happy to replace it

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